costlier than centre lathes of same capacity. Capstan and Turret lathes. The semiautomatic lathes, capstan lathe and turret lathe are very similar in construction. 25 Apr Capstan and turret lathes are semiautomatic lathes. Semiautomatic means machining is done automatically but some other functions like. 25 Mar Capstan,Turret & Automatic Lathe Vikrant Sharma Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering Department FET, MUST.

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By using these tools we can easily perform different type of operations on a single turret and capstan lathe piece without changing of tool and work piece. The tools are mounted on the square turret and six faces of the hexagonal turret. The speed changing may be affected without stopping the machine.

Difference between Capstan and Turret Lathe

But in case of capstan lathe saddle is fixed at a point but ram is moved. Usually a single tool post and can hold maximum 4 tools. These lathes are relatively costlier than engine lathe because of their complex construction. Capstan and turret turret and capstan lathe are semiautomatic lathes.

ane It can be of two types one is that which travels longitudinally along with the tool when it is fed into the job and the turret head carrying the tool is turret and capstan lathe directly on it. Carriage is mounted over the bed and travels longitudinally. Thus, they execute the part-cutting cycle somewhat analogously to the way in which an elaborate cuckoo clock performs an automated theater show. What are the operations carried out in Milling Machine? On the return stroke, the tool is retracted and then indexed to the next tool held capsatn the turret.

The term “turret lathe” without further qualification is turret and capstan lathe understood to refer to this type.

The required speed for next operation is selected before hand and the speed-changing lever is placed at the selected position. The design facilitates swinging of larger diameter of work pieces with being interfered by the cross slide.

Turret lathe – Wikipedia

What we today would call “automatics”, that is, fully automatic machines, had not been developed yet. If you have any query regarding this article, ask by commenting. Turret head is mounted turret and capstan lathe a slide called as ram which is mounted on the saddle in case of capstan lathes. No distinction between “turret lathe” and “capstan lathe” persists upon translation from English into other languages.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But the capstan lathe is usually single spindle and horizontal axis type only. The machine requires special counter shaft unlike that of an engine lathe, where starting, stopping and reversing of the machine spindle can be affected by turret and capstan lathe presenting a foot pedal.

Main Parts of Capstan and Turret Lathe. Subscribe our website for more informative articles. However, they did not become obsolete; the focus of their use simply shifted from the main turning operations of mass production, which are now usually done by CNCs, to small runs, for which they can still compete in unit cost with CNC use, and second operations, such as re-chucking a lathf turned out by turret and capstan lathe CNC in order to make a few simple cuts on the back.

In small capstan lathes, hand operated cross slide and saddle are used which are clamped on the lathe bed at required position. Its cross slide carries a square type tool post as well as a tool post laathe its rear, which can hold 1 or 2 tools at a time.

What are the operations carried out by Drilling Machine? The headstock of turret and capstan lathe capstan and turret lathe may be of following types: Thanks for reading it. It is an interesting coincidence that the word “tour” in French turret and capstan lathe mean both “lathe” and “tower”, with the first anr coming ultimately from Latin “tornus”, “lathe”, and the second sense coming ultimately from Latin “turris”, “tower”.

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On the other hand, the capstan or turret lathe turret and capstan lathe a mass production machine. Most translations involve the term “revolver”, and serve to translate either of the English terms. Tugret the first operation is completed a button or lever is simply actuated and the spindle starts rotating at the selected speed required for second operation without stopping the machine.

Machine and metalworking tools. Horizontal CNC lathes, with or without turrets, are generally called “CNC lathes” or “CNC turning centers” or “turning centers”, turret and capstan lathe the term “turret lathe” by itself is still usually understood in context turret and capstan lathe refer to horizontal, manual turret lathes.

Three or four speeds are available and the machine is suitable for smaller diameter of work pieces rotated at high speed. Turret lathe has essentially the same parts as the engine lathe except the turret and the complex mechanism incorporated in it for making it suitable for mass production.

Caapstan has smaller range of spindle speeds. Any speed variation and reversal is affected by simply controlling the motor. The following are the principle part of a capstan and turret lathe: Lawrence, and Henry D.

It carries a hexagonal indexable turret head, a tool or tool head can be mounted on each face and which can be indexed in sequence. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Lathhe email turret and capstan lathe will not be published. However, the multi-spoked handles that the operator uses to advance the slide are also called capstans, and they themselves also resemble the lthe capstan. This transition in primary job description is reflected in the name “second-operation lathe”, which is often synonymous with “manual turret lathe”.

Turret lathe

These machines are also divided in two groups according to the type of work they perform. Figure below illustrates the different parts of a capstan and turret lathe.

In turret lathe the main turret is directly installed on the saddle and the saddle is move along the entire length of the lathe turret and capstan lathe. These are all major difference between capstan and turret lathe. Today, most CNC lathes have tutret, and so could logically be called “turret lathes”, but the terminology is usually not used that way.