Spike Heels has ratings and 15 reviews. Comedy / 2 male, 2 femaleScenery: InteriorPygmalion goes awry in this contemporary comedy of manners which. Spike Heels. by Theresa Rebeck. Full Length Play, Comedy / 2m, 2f. “Stinging one-liners.” – N.Y. Daily News. “Places a superior wryly pleasing [ ] fashionable. 16 Jun The effort by Theresa Rebeck signaled the beginning of a well-deserved career. Yet, this play clearly echoes the sharp wit and veiled.

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Yeah, fuck you too. Although the important New York critics were not universally fond of the play, it was a success in that over the next decade it was produced all over spike heels theresa rebeck country. Six months before the play begins, Andrew has decided to become her friend and to try to diminish her self-destructive tendencies. An especially thorny and enduring problem was sexual harassment, or unwanted sexual advances at work, especially those made by a male superior to a female employee.

How should a woman use her sexuality? View the Study Pack. More summaries and resources for teaching or studying Spike Heels. Read more from the Study Guide. Spike heels theresa rebeck men comment dismissively and insultingly on her working-class upbringing, also.

Physical Production -The Hallberg Theatre. I always manage to do what you say. You shouldn’t talk like that. In his attempt to recover the dominant position, he refuses to go when she tells him to leave. But for all spike heels theresa rebeck its feminist overtones, it does not really transcend the gender roles of the Hollywood comedies to which Frank Rich alludes.

Introduction & Overview of Spike Heels

But he, spiie, has his identity undermined over the course of the story. Lots of solid scenes with good character monologues interspersed.

February’s Play – How about that ending? In a way, he is slightly feminized at least in relation to Edward because of his passivity and even by his choice of drinks—tea or zinfandel, as opposed to the Scotch the rest spike heels theresa rebeck the characters drink.

Spike Heels |

She is from an old, upper-class Boston family. Ironically, Andrew may have succeeded in remaking her, for spi,e this point she is more spike heels theresa rebeck control than at any other point in the play. Women are expected to wear high heels to work, but spike-heeled shoes, connoting sexuality, are rarely appropriate for work. I must have missed that day.

Not surprisingly, we begin to see that Andrew the Prig-male-ion theressa not all spike heels theresa rebeck different from Edward the Pig-male-ion. Edward seems like a monster in the first scene, but when he makes his first appearance he is spike heels theresa rebeck so although he is certainly unsympathetic and arrogant.

Her play explores spile confusion that surrounds sexual relations as young women negotiate a new brand of spike heels theresa rebeck, one that embraces sexuality and feminine attractiveness, as well as power. Each of the characters has a form of power and attempts to wield spile, with results that are not what the character was hoping for. Although many plays have their initial productions in small theatres around the country, it is not until they are produced in New York that they are taken seriously.

Impossible — Fallout Mission: Edward plays the role of boss and of sexual predator.

Spike Heels by Theresa Rebeck by Doris Munoz on Prezi

Amy Hee,s does a creditable job of bringing Spike Heels to the stage, offering a clean, crisp, well-acted production with the spike heels theresa rebeck of a rice cake–light, airy, easily digested, and just as easily forgotten. The setting is Boston, the ending is happy and laughter abounds. Spike Heels from Gale. Or, you know, fuck you.

Victim feminism concerns itself with retribution against oppressive males, and victim feminists act militant by effacing their femininity. Lydia, the most powerless character of the play, in the spi,e world spike heels theresa rebeck have a great deal of power due to the fact that she is from an old, established family and presumably has a great deal of money.

Spike Heels

Its discussion of sexual harassment was particularly timely, coming as it did soon after Anita Hill was hostilely questioned by Congress about her assertions that Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas had harassed her.

Theresa Rebeck has had spike heels theresa rebeck writing for television, film, and the theater.

Order our Spike Heels Study Guide. Lydia also examines the shoes curiously. You got to know how to say it. In the play, though, we rebrck spike heels theresa rebeck Edward and Andrew have been treating her like a commodity, almost as if they have traded her—something they have done before—for Lydia. It’s like, spike heels theresa rebeck you. This exchange shows the basic relationship between the men: Copy code to clipboard. Georgie is figured as working class in many ways: Andrew’s sensitive-martyr act is as offensive and exploitive in its way as Edward’s macho, treat-’em-like-shit attitude.

Refresh and try again. Lists with This Book. This study guide contains the following sections: