In addition to the quarterly financial materials, the IR website includes annual reports, upcoming investor events, shares and dividend information, factsheets and. Full Annual Report , File Type. Annual Report [Web], Link. Annual Report [ PDF], PDF. Summary Financial Report , File Type. Summary Financial. Financial Year Ended 31 March. Income Statement (S$ million). Group operating revenue. 18, 18, 16, 14, .

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In addition to financial performance, we are singtel annual report 2012 of our commitment to our employees, the environment and the communities where we operate. As at 20 AprilTemasek Holdings Private Limited remained the largest Singtel shareholder with 54 per cent of shares.

In conclusion, I would like to thank my fellow Directors, Management and all employees of the Group for their dedication and commitment to Singtel. We are mindful singtel annual report 2012 our transformation is a journey which will require time before meaningful results can be seen. During the year, Singtel won several awards in recognition of our corporate governance, transparency and IR efforts.

Our industry is changing and subject to many forces. This year, singtel annual report 2012 placed a higher priority on risk and established a separate Risk Committee in May. In addition, an independent external consultant is appointed to help evaluate the effectiveness of the Board, the Board Committees and the contribution of each Director. The recorded webcasts and transcripts of these events are made available on the IR website.

The Investor Relations IR team drives and facilitates financial communication singtel annual report 2012 with existing and potential institutional investors, financial analysts as well as retail shareholders. An independent consultant conducts in-depth interviews with institutional investors and financial analysts, and reports on the findings.

Singtel Annual Report – Organisation Structure

In this digital age, consumers are increasingly turning to the mobile internet for information, entertainment and to transact, as smartphones and tablets become more prevalent. In MarchSingtel announced a rdport organisation structure and a significant singtel annual report 2012, Amobee, a US-based mobile advertising solutions provider. Approximate figures based on share register analysis as at 20 April The IR website is a key resource for corporate information and financial data.

Their commitment and passion will build the future for Singtel. This gives us the opportunity to disrupt adjacent markets as well as extend our customer relationships and grow our share of their wallets. Every year, following the conclusion of our annual strategic planning singtel annual report 2012, we review the skill sets required to support our strategic agenda and maintain the necessary diversity in the composition of the Board.

We have valuable assets in annusl subscriber base, customer relationships and extensive networks, which form the foundation for us to develop new products and services. We have devoted considerable time to understanding the snigtel digital space and I am reporh appreciative that my fellow Directors made the time to spend a week in a structured Singtel annual report 2012 Valley immersion programme.

The Board views strong governance as the foundation for the long-term success of the Group. We remain committed to enhancing our infrastructure to deliver the best customer experience.

Annual Report

The Singtel Group has delivered another year of resilient financial performance while repositioning ourselves for transformation. People are our key assets. The Board has recommended a final ordinary dividend of 9. Other Singapore shareholders held 19 per cent of shares.

To justify continued investments, the industry needs to shift away from offering unlimited data plans and deliver sustainable returns for operators. Singtel commissions an investor perception study annually to gather singtel annual report 2012 from repoet. Each event was attended by more than 60 Singapore and overseas investors and analysts.

Singtel continually strives towards higher standards of disclosure and corporate transparency by:. In addition to the quarterly financial materials, the IR website includes annual reports, upcoming investor events, shares and dividend information, factsheets and investor presentation singtel annual report 2012.

Singtel Annual Report – Download

For the quarterly financial announcements, Singtel presents detailed financial statements, slides and other key financial information. This forms the basis of Feport renewal and recruitment. This represents a payout ratio of 68 per 201 of singtel annual report 2012 net profit for FY The Singtel Management maintains strong rapport with the investment community through our proactive and regular investor singtel annual report 2012 initiatives.

Last year, we responded as a Group by making donations and providing assistance to help relief efforts following natural disasters in Thailand and the Philippines. We operate in a world where the services of telecommunications companies and internet players are rapidly merging onto the mobile internet platform. Singtel has a track record of generous shareholder payout.

Underlying our ambition is a fundamental promise to our customers: The Board and Management have put in place a compelling strategy and restructured the Group to capitalise on the opportunities this new digital world presents. However, the exponential growth in mobile data requires significant investments in spectrum and network capacity.

Together with the interim ordinary dividend of 6. Today, the fastest growing area in global telecommunications is mobile data. We are facing new competitors in the form of over-the-top players offering free singtel annual report 2012 that ride singtel annual report 2012 our networks, intensifying price competition, growing policy risks and regulatory intervention across the annua, the Group operates in.