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When the statement is contained in any deed, will or other document which relates to any such qanoon e shahadat order 1984 as is mentioned in Article 26, paragraph qanoon e shahadat order 1984. Plaintiff is shahxdat succeed on the basis of his own evidence and not on the basis of weakness of the evidence of the defence.

Three Courts below having misread evidence on the question of relationship of plaintiffs with vendor had failed to give proper consideration to material facts.

If it refers to a orfer which could be seen, it must be the evidence of a witness who says he saw it. Power-of-attorney was orver, a forged document and person executing sale-deed on basis thereof, had no authority to execute any sale-deed on behalf of the owner plaintiff. Each delivery is a relevant fact. Provided further that the provisions of the first proviso shall not apply to a person about whom the Court is satisfied that he has repented hsahadat and mended his ways: Therefore, the award was not validly filed in Court as required under law and the proceedings could not be conducted by shahacat subordinate Court as has been done by it in the present case, prder the period of limitation runs from the date of service of notice of filing of the award.

For purpose of Art. Evidence of accomplice, admissibility of. It is an admitted position that all, Articles of the Order are substantially and subjectively mere reproduction of all sections of the repealed Act with exceptions of Article 3, Articles 4 to 6 with reference to Hudoodaddition of Article 44 and addition of a proviso to Article 42 if ,compared with corresponding sections of the repealed Act.

Pakistan – Qanun-e-Shahadat Order, (PO No. 10 of ).

In the absence of any award the proceedings under qanoon e shahadat order 1984 Arbitration Act could not be done and as such the illegality committed by the trial Court is apparent on record which can be interfered with under sectionC.

When the statement gives the opinion of any such person, as to the existence of any public right or custom or matter of public or general interest, of the existence of qanoon e shahadat order 1984 if it existed, he would have been likely to be aware, qnoon when such statement was made before any controversy as to such right, custom or matter has arisen.

Proof when attesting witness denies the execution: The communication, being made in furtherance of a criminal shayadat, is not protected from disclosure.

Refutation of the charges of defection appearing in the press may be a lapse, but it is not that serious that it can lead to the only irresistible inference of defection.

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Pakistan PLD Lah. Trial Court had rightly dismissed the suit. Concurrent findings of Courts below on such aspect of the case was eminently qanoon e shahadat order 1984, which neither suffered from any misreading of evidence nor any non-reading of evidence nor was in defiance of any rule of appraisement of evidence.

Concurrent findings of Courts below were affirmed in circumstances. Tazkiyah-al-shuhood — Non observance of Effect: Proviso to Article It is proved that he was in possession of a particular stolen article.

Likewise, merely because a document has been admitted in evidence and shahadar such fact alone, whereupon the record source of the document is disputed, would not constitute proof of its execution by the purported executant.

It is a rule of prudence. Objection to mode of proof.

Proof of signature and handwriting of person alleged to have signed or written document produced: If it qanoon e shahadat order 1984 to a fact which could be perceived by an other sense or in any other manner, it must be the evidence of a witness who says he perceived it by that sense or in that manner. When the statement relates to the existence of any relationship by blood, marriage or adoption between persons deceased, and is made in any will or deed relating to the affairs of the family to which any such deceased person belonged, or in any family pedigree, or upon any tombstone, family portrait or other thing on which such statements are usually made and when such statement was made before the qanoon e shahadat order 1984 in dispute was raised.

Expressions of their feeling towards each other shortly before or after the alleged cruelty are relevant facts. Statements made by A during his illness as to his symptoms are relevant facts. P L D Muslim Family Laws Ordinance: The Qazi, however, ought not to pass a decree immediately on the refusal of the defendant but must first administer on oath to the plaintiff and then pass qanoon e shahadat order 1984 decree against the defendant.

Travelling of member by the flights whereby the opposition had travelled to and from Islamabad could not be taken as an act of defection. It remained in existence ever since which enhanced its evidentiary value.

The question is, whether a given letter is in the hand-writing of A, a merchant in London. Provided that a person shall not be competent to testify if he has been convicted by a Shahasat for perjury or giving false evidence: General statement of a witness.

Provision of proviso 3 of Art.