2 Measures of Academic Progress Learning Continuum. Partnering to Help All Kids Learn® | The fast, flexible way for MAP users to. The Learning Continuum is provided by NWEA as part of their MAP Growth Each column in the Learning Continuum includes the skills within a block of 10 RIT. driven by our commitment to improve the learning experience for all children, we developed the NWEA. Learning Continuum, which is but one answer to this.

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NWEA Resources / NWEA Learning Continuum

By assessing multiple time a year, year after year, a unique learning profile develops for each student. Visit the Help Center for:. Assessments offered by NWEA. The lefthand column includes skills and concepts related to questions your child answered correctly 73 percent of the time.

RIT stands for Rausch Unit. The RIT Reference Chart is helpful for understanding the RIT scale and how it is used to measure student growth over time in relationship to math concepts.

How to create a PDF of the learning continuum data | NWEA Community

The resources below gave been gathered to help answer a number of questions regarding the NWEA assessments, especially those around administering the assessments and interpreting the results.

Visit the Help Center for: A correct answer will lead to a more difficult question, and an incorrect answer will lead to an easier question but more difficult than the last correctly answered question. The middle column includes skills and concepts related to questions your child answered correctly 50 percent of the time.

Each type of assessment used in the School District of Clayton measures student growth and achievement in a slightly different way, supplying the District with a more complete picture of a student’s learning profile than any one of them could alone. This customization is helpful to parents and students as well, as they can readily see where the student is performing, whether above, below, or at grade level.

RIT Reference Chart Students who may struggle to answer questions at a particular level are provided questions at levels more appropriate to their ability. Site Map Sitemap Searching for Something? To use the Learning Continuum, reference the page that shows the RIT band in which your child’s score fell for each subject area. Students who show they can do more challenging work are provided more advanced or challenging questions as they answer these questions correctly.

Director of Research, Evaluation and Assessment. NWEA assessments are on-line computer-adaptive tests which are available nationally. Skip to Main Content. Teachers, parents, and students can use this information to celebrate successes, to identify next steps in coursework, and to set clear goals for student learning.

Tests are self-paced, meaning students take as much time as they may need to complete the test questions. These are skills and concepts your child is ready to learn. Click learninng images for access. PUSD has produced resources for teachers, administrators, students, and parents.

NWEA’s Learning Continuum

The column on the right includes skills and concepts related to questions your child answered correctly 27 percent of the time. These are skills and concepts in which your child may be ready to be introduced.

These are skills and concepts students continuum need reinforced to build consistent proficiency and confidence. Students may use computers in computer labs, laptops in the classroom, iPads, Chromebooks, and other devices to access the tests.

Learning statements for a RIT band are divided into three columns. The RIT scale is and equal-interval measurement scale much like feet and inches on a yard stick independent of a student’s grade or age. You will need to log in contonuum your NWEA account to access these features.

Each district decides which NWEA assessments its students will take and the dates they will assess the students — generally sometime in the fall, winter, and spring. If you already have a Knowledge Academy account, you can use that email address and password to access Destination PD resources.

Using Learning Continuum statements you can see what students performing at a given RIT level are typically ready to learn. For access, educators will need an account ccontinuum for them by their district DestinationPD administrator. Reports from these assessments are greatly beneficial to teachers whose classes often have a wide range of student performance levels and abilities.