Interview Questions – Free download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. errpt, mail log monitoring just concetrate on NIM, mksysb, HACMP and LPAR IBM-AIX Interview Questions: AIX Interview Questions and Answers. 5 Jul HACMP interview questions. a. What characters should a hostname contain for HACMP configuration? The hostname cannot have following. 28 Mar #smitty hacmp -> Extended Configuration -> Extended topology configuration -> Configure an HACMP node – > Add a node to an.

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To specify the interface use: Once the device and network definitions have been created, it is a good idea to test it and make sure. Keep these scripts in identical directories on both nodes.


Search and explore document, pdf, power point presentations about interview question and hacmp dare. An individual server within a cluster. Make application start and stop scripts Hacmp interview questions and answers two simple Korn shell scripts—one that starts an application and one that stops an application.

You can start the cluster together on both nodes or start individually on each node. I am a passionate learner of new technologyLove to fiddle with gadgets and read about them on internet.

I want them answrrs. In this document, it is assumed that the shared storage devices are already made available and. PowerHA at work PowerHA is designed to keep resources highly available with minimum downtime by gathering resources in ways that allow multiple IBM System p servers to access them.

This will not change. In most cases you would have your diskhb device on a hacmp interview questions and answers data vg. This is a logical grouping of service IP hacmp interview questions and answers, hacmo servers, and shared volume groups that the nodes in the cluster can manage. Edit some flat files.

Whenever fail intfrview happens the package on the failed node will move to the other active node and will run with already existing package. Once the failed node comes online we can move the package manually to that node.

VGs are mounted after the cluster start. Now you are ready to start the cluster. If you stop the cluster, check the status using lssrc —g cluster, sometimes clstrmgrES daemon will.

Substitute the wnswers interface for enX in the command above. For hacmp interview questions and answers, host cyclop. When you create a shared volume group, you only need to select one of the nodes, because the disk is shared. SL55 and the other device vpath3. An example of the output follows: Specifying the default gateway on a specific interface.

To make the network. PowerHA controls failover in the event of a resource failure. Work with your SAN and network administrators to get addresses and disks for the boot, persistent, and service IP addresses.

This is hacmp interview questions and answers IP address that can “float” between the nodes.

AIX Interview Questions and Answers

Next, run the command: Start learning today for free Move Your Career Forward with certification training in the latest technologies. The daemon program forwards the requests to other programs or processes as appropriate.

Active and idle servers. Define the service IP addresses. Wait for the cluster to stabilize. Resources and Attributes for a.

IBM AIX HACMP and VIOS interview questions

When you’re using HACMP, you usually have multiple network adapters installed and thus multiple network interface to handle with. It’s auestions throughfor AIX 5. Invalid node name a7f5af78e0cf4″. This is almost similar to Cascading without fallback, whenever package failover to the standby nodes it will never fallback to the primary node automatically, we need to move it manually at our convenience.