4 Aug Gajendra-Moksha Stotra in Bhagawat MahaPuran (Skandh 8, Adhyay 3). Gajendra Moksha Stotra in English PDF By clicking below you can Free Download Gajendra Moksha Stotra in English PDF format or also can Print it. It is believed that Gajendra Moksha Mantra is one of the very powerful Mantra’s in the world and gives the chanter of this mantra power to face difficulties and.

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Once while enjoying himself in the waters, he pulled the leg of a sage. I am aware that I not only have a body of an elephant but also a fat mind of an elephant! Yadharchisho agne savithur gabhasthayo, niryanthi ij sakruth swarochisha, Thadhaa yathoyam guna sampravaho, budhir mana kaani sareera sargaa. How can an ordinary mortal recognize You, when great sages find it hard to achieve You? Ya swathmaneedham nija mayayaa arpitham, kwachid vibhatham kwa cha thath thirohitham, Aviddha druk saksha yubhayam thadheekshathe sa, aathma moolo avathu maam parathpara.

The Gajendra Moksha Mantra grants the power to face difficulties and escape from them. Mojsha was the King of elephants. To those who have love and faith in agjendra heart, God is close by, to the others He seems to be far away! Those gajendra moksha in moksah have been with me so far will wonder why I quoted the lines from the Geeta at the beginning of this note.

Gajendra Moksha Stuti Prayer. Hearing gajendra moksha in devotee’s call and prayer, Vishnu rushed to the scene. Gajendra moksha in crocodile gajendra moksha in would not let go.

Kaalena panchathwamitheshu kruthsnasao, lokeshu paleshu cha sarva hethushu, Thamas thadha aaseed gahanam gabheeram, yasthasya parebhi virajathe vibhu. Gajendra tried for a long time to escape from the crocodile’s clutches.

This relates to the concept which says without attaining real Gajendra moksha in it is impossible to get salvation but without completely offering ourselves to the supreme God it is impossible to get that Eternal Knowledge that ultimately moksna to salvation and Nirvana. This section gajendra moksha in not cite any sources.

This image, which was originally posted to Flickrwas uploaded to Commons using Gajendra moksha in upload bot on 7 June God attacked the crocodile and saved His Loved One.

Gajendra offering the Lord a lotus flower when the Lord comes to rescue him. The prayer made by Gajendra on this occasion became a famous hymn in praise of Vishnu called the Gajendra Stuti.

And that is what Gajendra did! Krishna says that man should kn upon the Lord, not feel dejected and im of the Lord, as always being at hand.

Views Read Edit View history. The prayer made by Gajendra on this occasion gajendra moksha in a famous hymn in praise of Vishnu called the Gajendra Stuti. February Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Gajendra tried for a long time to escape from the crocodile’s clutches. As Gajendra sighted the god coming, he lifted a lotus with his trunk. Suddenly, a crocodile living in the lake attacked Gajendra and caught him by gajendra moksha in leg. Namo namasthe akhila kaaranaya nish kaaranaaya adbhutha kaaranaya, Sarvaa gamaamnaya maharnavaya namo apavargaya parayanaya. There was once gajendra moksha in elephant named Gajendra who lived in a garden called Rtumat which was created by Varuna. Gajendra then attained a form like that of gajendra moksha in god Sarupya Mukti and went to Vaikuntha with Vishnu.

Man is Gajendra The world, is the lake where he plays the game of life with family and others. Dhidrukshavo yasya padam su mangalam, vimuktha sanghaa munaya susaadhava, Charanthya loka vrutha mavranam vane, bhoothama bhoothaa shrudh sa may gathi. The Gajendra moksham Mantra grants the power to face difficulties and escape from them.

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This website is best viewed with MS Internet Explorer 6 or above under x resolution. Nama aathma pradheepaya sakshine paramathmane, Namo giraam vidhooraya maanasa schethasam api. You are all merciful.

As the struggle was seemingly endless it is believed that the crocodile held Gajendra’s foot for over a thousand years gajendra moksha in, and when he had gajendra moksha in his last drop of energy, Gajendra called to the god Vishnu to save him, holding a lotus up in the air as an offering.

Gajendra moksha in shatakam lyrics and audio. All his family members, relatives and friends gathered around to help him, but in vain.


gajendra moksha in Devala explained that he could not reverse the curse; he blessed Huhu that Vishnu would slay the crocodile and liberate him from the cycle of birth and death. The enraged sage cursed the king to become a crocodile in his next life.

The crocodile in its last life was a king called HuHu in gajendra moksha in Gandharva planet. On a hot day, he proceeded with his herd to a lake to cool off in its fresh waters.