Completing the Travel Voucher. DD FORM Travel Voucher. Page 2. ➢ Block 1 (Payment). ➢EFT MANDATORY. ➢IF YOU WANT SPLIT DISBURSEMENT. How to Prepare a Travel Voucher (DD Form ) – 2. Serving those who serve all. Thank you for your service to the nation, and thank you in advance for. PRINCIPAL PURPOSE(S): Used to supplement DD Form , “Travel Voucher or Subvoucher,” to substantiate claims for reimbursement when multiple .

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While it was written by the Army, it contains useful information for PCSing service members for every branch of the military. Box 18 and 19 are the most important sections on the DD Form More from Dd form 1351-2 Chronicles.

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You must then dd form 1351-2 the form in box 20 and have any dd form 1351-2 official sign box Depending on your system, this fform happen without any further authorization. You may be reimbursed for mileage and fuel if you supplied your fork mode of transportation.

This may take a second or two. In researching the advance DLA situation, I stumbled across a couple of useful and interesting documents to help you fill out a complete and accurate travel claim when you have a Permanent Change of Station PCS move.

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In box 12, you must list dd form 1351-2 of your dependents and indicate if they accompanied you on your travel. Identify your mode of transportation in boxes 16 and If you are unsure of a qualifying expense, check with the Department of Defense for further help.

This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. The DD Form is available on the Department of Defense 131-2 website or can be supplied through the chain of command.

Boxes 13 and 14 require you to further indicate your dependent’s address as well as whether any dd form 1351-2 goods shipments are included in your travel expense.

Rd boxes 2 through 11, you must provide your personal information. Related Topics PayCheck Chronicles. Travel On A Budget You dd form 1351-2 have to break the bank to have a great vacation. Filling out your travel claim quickly and accurately can help to easy the financial pressure of a PCS move. The first step is fill in box 1, indicating what dd form 1351-2 of payment your voucher will be credited.

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Form DD Travel Voucher or Subvoucher – Military Forms – |

Dd form 1351-2 DD Form is a Department of Defense form used for travel vouchers for approved travel expenses by military members. You must indicate the travel costs of each separate trip and the mileage of each individual trip.

This voucher must be filled out in order for reimbursement for dd form 1351-2 expenses paid out of the pocket of the military member.

Congressional Panel Dd form 1351-2 2. You will need to put your name, grade, social security number, contact information as well as the type of payment made for your travel expenses. PCSing formm stressful, and sometimes a lot of money is coming out of your pocket in a short amount of time.

DD Form , Travel Voucher –

There are separate checklists for PCS moves made by dd form 1351-2 active service member and those who are separating or retiring from the military. After completing the form, you must attach receipts for certain expenses that you are claiming reimbursement. It is here that you will itemize all expenses for which you will be reimbursed.

Close Window Loading, Please Wait! Box 15 is to be used to ds your travel dd form 1351-2, including the dates and mode of all travel completed.

The Army PCS travel Voucher 151-2 includes line-by-line instructions for how to fill out the DD Form, including information for a different variety of dd form 1351-2, such as when the service member moves at a different time from the family.

If you used a Government Travel Charge Card, you must indicate the split payment that will be made to the card fofm. Include all meals and other necessities that will be covered by the department of defense.