China 2 September CIETAC Arbitration proceeding (Freezing units The Arbitration Rules of the Arbitration Commission [hereinafter, the. China 21 February CIETAC Arbitration proceeding (Equipment case) The Arbitration Rules of the Arbitration Commission [hereafter, the. Arbitration International, Volume 21, Issue 3, 1 September , Pages The revised CIETAC Arbitration Rules (the ‘New Rules’), which came.

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The President of the Arbitration Court shall make a final decision on the challenge of the emergency arbitrator. The [Seller]’s claims are related to thirty-one 31 contracts. Where a party has nominated an arbitrator but fails to advance a deposit for such actual costs as the special remuneration, travel and accommodation expenses of the nominated arbitrator within the time period specified by CIETAC, the party shall be deemed not to have nominated the arbitrator.

CIETAC may also determine the place of arbitration to be another location having regard to the circumstances of the case. Where the arbitral tribunal has not yet been formed, the decision shall be made by the Cietsc of the Cirtac Court. Sign In or Create an Account. The 205 tribunal shall be composed of one or three arbitrators.

If circumstances that need to be disclosed arise during the arbitral proceedings, the arbitrator shall promptly disclose such circumstances in writing.

Upon the written application of a party, CIETAC shall accept a case in accordance with an arbitration agreement concluded between the parties either before or after the occurrence of the dispute, in which it is provided that disputes are to 2005 referred to arbitration by CIETAC.

The Arbitration Tribunal rulss down the award based on the written documents, and the facts and evidence verified in the hearings. An arbitration agreement is in writing if it is contained in the tangible form of a document such as a contract, letter, telegram, telex, fax, electronic data interchange, or email.

In such circumstances, the parties shall submit their written opinions on the evidence within the time period specified by the arbitral tribunal. Purchase Subscription prices and ordering Short-term Access To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. Article 14 Multiple Contracts. The hourly rate for each co-arbitrator shall be the rate agreed upon by that co-arbitrator and the nominating party. On 6 Januarythe Arbitration Tribunal opened the court session in Beijing.

The [Buyer]’s allegation that Contracts No.

China 21 February CIETAC Arbitration proceeding (Equipment case) [translation available]

If the amount claimed is different from the ruled amount in dispute, the actual amount in dispute shall be the basis for calculation. The [Seller]’s claim lacks any basis. Article 18 Joinder of Additional Parties. A party having justifiable doubts as to the impartiality or independence of an arbitrator may challenge that arbitrator in writing and shall state the facts and reasons on which the challenge is based with supporting evidence. Where the arbitral tribunal has not yet been formed, the decision on whether to grant the extension of the time period shall be made by the Arbitration Court.

The [Buyer] did not ever allege that a third party other than the [Buyer] was subject to these three Contracts or that it should not pay the contract price. SJI was actually the total of the price under Contract No.

All arbitration documents from the parties shall be submitted to the Arbitration Court. Article 67 Arbltration of the Arbitral Tribunal. After the consolidation of arbitrations, the conduct of the arbitral proceedings shall be decided by the Arbitration Court if the arbitral tribunal is not formed, or shall be decided by the arbitral tribunal if it has been formed.

CIETAC arbitration toolkit

The validity of an arbitration clause or an arbitration agreement shall not be affected by any cietca, cancellation, termination, transfer, expiry, invalidity, ineffectiveness, rescission or non-existence of the contract. In addition, the [Seller] submitted supplementary explanation on the parties’ modification of payment terms and the contract number.

Article 24 Duties of Arbitrator. Meanwhile, all the relevant invoices, packing lists and airway bills of lading were issued to the [Buyer]. The arbitration agreement shall be in writing. Since the parties neither jointly appointed nor authorized the Chairman to appoint the Presiding Arbitrator within the period provided by the Dietac Rules, according to Article 24 of the Arbitration Rules, the Chairman appointed Ms.

Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the place of the emergency arbitrator adbitration shall be the place of arbitration, which is determined in accordance with Article 7 of the Arbitration Rules.

Article 75 Arbitraton on Jurisdiction. The power of the emergency arbitrator and the emergency arbitrator proceedings shall cease on the date of the formation of the arbitral tribunal. The parties shall sign a settlement agreement where they have reached settlement through conciliation by the arbitral tribunal or by themselves. The parties did not stipulate the applicable law in the Contracts for contract conclusion or when dispute arose.

The emergency arbitrator shall determine in its decision in what proportion the costs of the emergency arbitrator proceedings shall be borne by the parties, subject to the power of the arbittation tribunal to finally determine the allocation of such costs at the request of a party.

Where the arbitral tribunal considers it necessary, or where a party so requests and the arbitral tribunal agrees, the arbitral tribunal may first render a partial award on any part of the claim before rendering the final award.

However, if the dispute falls outside the scope of the specific rules, these Rules shall apply. FromtoA party may challenge an emergency arbitrator in writing within two 2 days from the date of its receipt of the Notice of Acceptance.

Evidence 5 proves that the [Buyer] agreed on delivery by installments; Evidence 8 proves that the first installment had been delivered; Evidence 13 and Evidence 14 prove that the second installment was delivered; the Evidence 21 of the [Buyer]’s responding letter also proves the delivery of the goods.

When appointing arbitrators pursuant to these Rules, the Chairman of CIETAC shall take into consideration the law applicable to the dispute, the place of arbitration, the language of arbitration, the nationalities of the parties, and any other factor s the Chairman considers relevant.

Each party shall bear the burden of proving the facts on which it relies to support its claim, defense or counterclaim and provide the basis for its opinions, arguments and counter-arguments.