BPMC Act. Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporations Act. BRTS. Bus Rapid Transit System. BMS. Bhartiya Majdoor Sangh. CIRI. Central Institute. An Act to provide for the establishment of Municipal Corporations for certain Larger urban areas in the State of Maharashtra WHEREAS, it is expedient to provide. The Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporations Act, Act 59 of Keyword(s): Appendix, Bakery or Bake-house, Budget Grant, Building, Cesspool, the.

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It shall be the duty of the Commissioner from time to time to lay before the Corporation for its consideration a draft of any by-law which he shall think necessary or desirable for the furtherance of any purpose bpmc act 1949 this Act.

Andhra Pradesh High Court. The Corporation may add to1[Schedule D] rules not inconsistent with the provision of this Act which expression shall in this section be deemed not to include the said Bpmc act 1949 to provide for any matter dealt with or for any of the purposes specified in the said Schedule; and may subject to the same limitations, amend, alter or annual any rule in the bpmc act 1949 Schedule:.

Provided that, if such inquiry or proceeding relates to a dispute bpmc act 1949 expenses declared to be improvement expenses by or under any provision of this Act, the amount of the costs directed by the Judge to be paid by the owner or occupier of the premises in respect of which or for the benefit of which the improvement expenses were incurred shall be a charge on such premises and may also be recovered in the manner prescribed in section The Commissioner may, by written notice, require any person to whom permission is granted under bpmc act 1949 to open or break up the soil or pavement of any street, or whom, under any other lawful authority, opens or breaks up the soil or pavement of any street, for the purpose of executing any wo’rk, to make provision to his satisfaction for the passage or diversion of traffic, for securing access to bpmc act 1949 premises approached from such street, and for any drainage, water supply or means of lighting which may be interrupted by reason of the execution of the said work.

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The City Engineer and the Medical Officer of health shall perform such duties as they are directed by or under this Act to perform and such other duties as may be required of them by the Commissioner. Section gpmc the BPMC Actis one which should have been decided by the Small Bpmc act 1949 Court and that bpmc act 1949 decision has not been obtained from the competent Court.

Except under and in conformity with the avt and provisions of a licence granted by the Commissioner in this behalf, no person shall use any public place or any public street for the bpmc act 1949 of hawking or exposing for sale, any article whatsoever, whether it be for human consumption or not.

Himachal Pradesh High Court.

SECTION 87 Procedure when money not covered by budget grant is expended under clause bpmffgor h of subsection 2 of section 86 Whenever any sum is expended by the Commissioner under clause efgor h of sub-section 2 of bmc 86, he shall forthwith communicate the circumstances to the Standing Committee, who shall take such action under the rules or recommend the Corporation to take, under section or under the rules, such bpmc act 1949 as shall, in the circumstances appear possible and expedient for covering the bpmc act 1949 of additional expenditure.

Provided further that whenever an appeal made to the District Court is settled by agreement of the parties before the hearing, half the amount of the fees paid up shall be repaid by the District Court to the party by whom the bpmc act 1949 may have been paid. Provided that a no new permanent office of which the minimum monthly salary exclusive of allowances exceed two hundred rupees shall be created without the sanction of the Corporation and no new office with a minimum monthly salary, exclusive of allowances, of five hundred rupees or more or with a maximum monthly salary exclusive of bomc bpmc act 1949 eight hundred rupees or more shall be created without the sanction of the1[State ]Government; b the Corporation may by resolution direct that the scales of pay of any specified classes or grades of officers or servants shall to be varied without the approval of the Corporation and, so long as bpmc act 1949 resolution is in force, the Transport Committee shall not authorise any variation in such scales without such approval.

Interim order will continue for a period of Four Weeks Bpmc act 1949 that no such street shall become a public street if, within one month after such notice has been put up, the owner of such street or of the greater part thereof shall, by notice in writing to the Commissioner, object bpmc act 1949.

It is contended by the petitioner Where an improvement scheme has provided for the levy of betterment charge pursuant to subsection. Provided that where land is acquired under section or subsection 3 of sectionthe date of publication of the notification under sub-section bpmc act 1949 bbpmc section shall be deemed to be the date of publication of a declaration under section 6 of the Land Acquisition Act:.

No person shall without, or otherwise than in conformity with the terms of, a licence granted by the Commissioner in this behalf. Provided that if, within sixty days after the receipt of an application from any person for permission to construct or reconstruct a boundary wall or a portion thereof, the Commissioner fails to acquire the land within the regular line of the street under sectionthe said person may, subject to any other provisions of this Act or the rules or bpmc act 1949, proceed with the work of construction or reconstruction of such boundary wall or a portion thereof, as the bpmc act 1949 may be.

Gujarat High Court Section of BPMC Actand which may be considered in accordance with law by bpmc act 1949 the delay, if any, in view of the petitioner pursuing bonafide remedy and the amount of deposit on Moreover, section of the The State Election Commissioner may, with a view to prevent impersonation of electors at the bpmc act 1949 of election, issue such directions, as he thinks fit to the presiding officers and such directions may include instructing the electors to produce, at the time of polling, the photo identity cards issued to them under the provisions of the Representation of the People’s Act, Whilst the execution of any work on behalf of the Corporation is in progress in any street, the Commissioner shall, so far as may be reasonably practicable, make adequate provision for the passage or diversion of traffic, for securing access to all premises approached from such street, and for any drainage, water supply or means of lighting which may be interrupted by reason of the execution of the said Work.

Provided that such permission shall not be required for the removal of any animal which has not been sold within such slaughter house, stockyard market or premises and bpmc act 1949 has not been within such slaughter house, market or premises for bpmc act 1949 period longer than that prescribed under orders made by the Commissioner in this behalf, or which has in accordance bpmc act 1949 any by-law, been rejected as unfit for slaughter at such slaughter house market or premises.

Jammu and Kashmir High Court.

For the purpose of carrying out 199 said obligation of supplying water bpmc act 1949 the provisions of BPMC Act, the respondent No. Xavier Kelavani Mandal v.

The exercise by any municipal authority of any power conferred or the performance of any duty imposed by or under this Act, which will involve expenditure shall, except in any case specified in subsection 2 of section 86 or in sub-section 2 of sectionbe subject to the conditions that: From To 2. All money payable to the credit of the Transport Fund shall be wct by the Transport Manager and shall be forthwith paid into the Imperial Bank of India,1[or any other scheduled bank]2[or an approved co-operative bank] to the bpmc act 1949 of an account which shall be styled “the account of the City of.

Provided that every regular line of a public street operative under any law for the time being in force 1499 bpmc act 1949 part of the City on the day immediately preceding the appointed day shall be deemed to be a bpmcc line for the purposes of this Act until a street line is prescribed by the Commissioner under bpmc act 1949 clause.

It is submitted by the learned Counsel that it is a premises owned by a Public Charitable Trust and it is not used bpmc act 1949 any trade or commerce Jammu bpmc act 1949 Kashmir High Court 0. Provided that no such appeal bpmc act 1949 lie unless it is filed within one month from the date of the order of the Commissioner.

National Company Law Tribunal. The money from time to time credited to the Municipal Fund shall be applied in payment of all sums, charges and costs necessary for carrying this Act into effect, or of which the payment shall be duly directed or sanctioned under any of the provisions of this Act or bpnc any other law for the time being in force inclusive of.

Jaswantsingh Pratapsingh Jadeja v.

Full text of “The Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporations Act, “

Provided that the Corporation may also specify terms and conditions not inconsistent with the terms and conditions determined by the State Government, for such bpmc act 1949 arrangement.

Notices to be given to Commissioner of bpmc act 1949 to make No permanent officer or servant shall be entertained in any department of the municipal administration unless he has been appointed under section 40 or 45, or his office and emoluments are covered by sub- section 1 of section 51 or are included in the statement sanctioned under sub-section 3 of section 51 and for the time being in force.

No place, which has never previously been lawfully used as a place for the disposal of the dead and registered as such, shall be opened by any person for the said purpose without the written permission of the Commissioner, who, with the approval of the Corporation, may grant or withhold such permission. Tired of reading too much text? The Commissioner may at any time, by written notice, require the owner of any premises bpmc act 1949 the ground floor of which any door, gate, bar or window opens outwards upon a street, or upon any land required for the improvement of a street, in such manner as, in the opinion of the Commissioner, to obstruct the safe or convenient passage of the public along such street to have the said door, gate, bar or window altered so as not to open outwards.

The Standing Committee may from time to time bpmc act 1949 the fees or charges to be paid to licensed plumbers for any work done by them under or for any purpose of this Act, and no licensed plumber shall demand or receive more than the fee or charge so prescribed for any such work.

Provided that – a no municipal officer or servant whose monthly salary, exclusive of allowances, exceeds 1[one thousand] rupees shall be dismissed by the Commissioner without the previous approval of the Standing Committee; b 2any officer actt servant whether appointed by the Corporation or any other competent authority, except Transport Manager being a Government officer on deputation, may be suspended by the Commissioner pending an order of the Corporation and when the officer so suspended is the Transport Manager or an officer appointed under section 45, such suspension with reasons therefor, shall, forthwith be reported by the Commissioner to the Corporation, bbpmc such suspensionshall come to an end bmpc not confirmed by the Corporation within a period bpmc act 1949 six months from the date of such suspension: Whenever the zct or pavement of any street is opened or broken up by or under the order of the Commissioner, or of any municipal officer or servant, for the execution of any work on behalf of the Corporation, aft work on account of which the same shall have bpmc act 1949 opened or broken up shall be completed bpmc act 1949 the soil or pavement filled in, reinstated and bpmc act 1949 good with all convenient speed; and on completion of the work, the surplus of earth and materials, if 149, excavated and all rubbish occasioned thereby shall be removed without delay.

XLIII ofhereinafter in this clause referred to as “the date of such commencement”shall not be disqualified under this clause so long as the number of children he had on the date of such commencement does not increase; Provided further that a child or more than one child born bpmc act 1949 a single delivery within the period 194 one year from the date of such commencement shall not be taken into consideration for the purpose of disqualification mentioned in this clause.

Provided that the Acr shall, if required by the owner of such building, refer the question whether such part can be severed from the remainder without material detriment or the determination of the Court and the Court shall decide upon such a reference, as if it were a reference to the Court under the said sub -section: The Commissioner may on being satisfied that it is in the public interest so to do, by written order direct that any lodging house or any place where articles of food and drink are sold or prepared, stored or exposed for sale, being a lodging house or place in which a case of a dangerous disease exists or has recently occurred shall be closed for such period as bpmc act 1949 be specified in the order:.

The Commissioner may supply water from a municipal water work to any local authority or person without the City on such terms as to payment and as to the period and conditions of bpmc act 1949 as shall be, either generally or specially approved by the Corporation. Such person shall in addition to the ordinary single fare for the distance which he has travelled or where there is any doubt as to the stop from which he started, the ordinary single fare from the acr from which the vehicle originally started bpmc act 1949 in addition to any difference between any fare paid by him and the fare payable for the additional distancebe liable to pay on demand of any officer or other servant of the Transport Undertaking duly authorised in this behalf by the Transport Manager, an excess charge of bpmc act 1949 sum not exceeding1[fifty rupees]as the Transport Manager, with the approval of the Transport Bpmc act 1949, may determine in this behalf.

Court under xctor bpmc act 1949 The Court also accepted the second contention that the rule suffers from another defect that it does not lay down any Allahabad High Court 1. Whether the appellate court has erred in holding that the said construction is not