pasu buddhi · devraj indra · bankelal aur kalyug · bankelaal aur bhokal · sundar sena · sanjeevani · kumbh ka mela · chatni swyamvar · daku chidiya · kailash. Bankelal is an Indian comic book character, one of a number of titles . sanjeevani; sundar sena; bankelaal aur bhokal; bankelal aur kalyug. BAAP KA RAJ HAI · BANKELAL AUR KALYUG · BELMUNDA KA KHAZANA · BRAMHAND RAKSHAK · CHAKRA · DAAV PER DUNIYA · EK SE BADHKAR EK .

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Jadui Muhawre 58 images. Bankelal Vanarlok Mein 32 images. Laash ki Talaash 33 images. Talaab Ke Chor 31 images. Murda Shaitaan 30 images. Chanda keeps herself busy in hospital and social works. Hari Jalpari 41 images. Ab Khulegi Pol 58 images.

Shakti (comics)

Dandak Van kalyuh images. Holi Hai 30 images. Other courtiers are also jealous of Bankelal’s popularity. They named the child Bankelal. Aayi Bala Talo 32 images. Dhapor Shankh 32 images.


Shaitan Khopdi 59 images. Daaku Khopdimal 32 images.

Although considered hotheaded and arrogant, she is gracious enough to generate love in people’s hearts for one another. Her alter ego, Shakti, on the other hand, does not tolerate injustice and crime at all and is also strikingly beautiful. Bedi Aur Bodi 60 images. Bankelal Aur Narbhakshi Lutera 31 images. Shani Ratan 48 images.

Shakti (comics)

Indian comics Indian comics characters Raj Comics characters. Kukdoo Coo 41 images. Gadhadhari Bankeelal 41 images.

Feeki Khichdi 30 images. These include Senapati Markhap, Prabandh Mantri and many others. His mother offered them a glass of milk unaware that her naughty child had put a frog in the milk! Bankelal seems extremely stupid but he possesses a mind of devil,always planning mischief.

Bankelal Pretlok Mein 17 images. Kulakshini Mani 41 images. Bankelal Aur Bakasur bankela, images. She is physically the strongest character in the Raj comics universe.

Zehar Aur Amrit 58 images. Lo Main Aa Gaya 29 images. Tees Maar Khan 17 images.

Shakti is Maha Kali – Great Kali. Bankelal Aur Kodi Raja 32 images.

Bankelal – Wikipedia

Bali Ke Bakre 41 images. Attributes Chanda, the housewife, is extremely simple and not very much educated. Shapit Khajana 27 images. Wife of maharaj Vikram Singh. Bechara Bankelal 30 images.

Chanda killed her husband ialyug the form of Shakti. Most issues start with Bankelal knowing a secret or something which he may use to kill king Vikram Singh and usurp the throne.