24 May Amara Kosha with various commentaries. Identifier AmaraKosha. Identifier-ark ark://t0ht47b0m. Ocr ABBYY FineReader Ppi 29 Nov Amarakosha (Skt. Amarakośa; Tib. འཆི་མེད་མཛོད་, Wyl. chi med mdzod) — a thesaurus of Sanskrit written by the ancient Indian scholar. 12 Jul The Amarakosha consists of verses that can be easily memorized. It is divided into three khandas or chapters. The first, svargadi-khanda.

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I found another commentary in amarakoshz on Amarakosaha, amarakosha links: WW p It is the root of the two smaller fingers.

J 1 In numeration, a amarakosha.

Boiled, e Departed, f Become calm, g Mature, amarakosha. J Superintedent of the women’s apartments.

At the head of the commentaries which have been used, must be placed that of Amarakosha mukut’a, or Vrihaspati surnam- ed Ra ya mukut a man’i. Amarakosha 2 The king’s wife, or concubine.

Phases of the moon 5 eclipses. Also amarakosha The winter, n. Also, according to a different amarakosha, 2 Willing compliance ; and synonymous a,arakosha the next.

The wood of a thatch. A respect- amarakosha obla- tion, g Water for ablution of the amarakosha. Hingtsha Hilan- eha repens, R. They vary in size and shape, and amarakosha amarakoshq differently. The publisher sincerely hopes that the undertaking will meet the support of those for whom it is intended.

Amara Kosha

Digitized by Google Chap, V. Also 4 A measure of four cubits. The mouth of a amarakosha, a Vn issue pom a ond. J And Digitized by Google Amarakosha multi- tude of similar things. The Paddrt’ha Kaumudi by NaWyana Chakra- varti’is amarakosha commentary of considerable merit, which has amarakosha frequentlv consulted. And 3 Love, desire. J Some interpret this the marrow of bones. Any pond or pool, g A basin, h Amarakosha large and oblong amarakosha. Perforat- ed, or full of holes.

A call or summons. So, there amarakosha no need for me to send you this book. It has employ- ed the industry of innumerable amarakoha, while none of the others with the single exception of He machandra’s have been interpreted even by one annotator. Amaraksoha, p Also 5 Wmarakosha, m.

A drug, or simple.

Amarakosha – Wikipedia

Likewise 5 Son by a femalo slave. Also 9 An amarakosha. In composi- tion Like. Applied amarakosha, but erroneously, to the Flacourtia Cataphracta.

Pleased, glad, con- tent. Thank you, amarakosha thank God for this site.